Why network?

Ascharya's belief in 'network' or 'mesh' or 'ecosystem
business' is inspired by nature.

We see efficient and effective use of resources in
nature through 'network' between various natural organisms. Nutrients
reach where they are needed the most. Organisms are decomposed to
enrich surroundings. Every and each organism contributes the best it
can offer to the nature, while it gains from similar best offerings
by others.

Each consultant, associate, professional and volunteer
in Ascharya's network contributes the best towards the client
projects. This is an efficient process because it creates a
competitive environment, offers best services at different
cost-points, and aids project implementation. Ascharya believes
creativity is at its best when a number of minds contribute to a
comprehensive process, thus clients benefit with the best creative
solutions specially crafted for them by a 'network'.