About Ascharya

What is Ascharya?

Ascharya (आश्चर्य) literally means 'surprise' in Marathi, Hindi, and
Ascharya Creative Communications promises its clients surprisingly
creative yet cost effective ideas for better communications.

Why Ascharya?

“better communications. better communities.” is Ascharya's
vision. To achieve this vision we work with non-government
organisations (NGO), civil society organisations (CSO), small and
medium social enterprises (SMSE), small and medium enterprises
(SMEs), Educational Institutions and corporate social responsibility
(CSR) initiatives of various organisations offering services and
products to optimise inter and intra organisation communications.
A unique business ecosystem developed by Ascharya promises cost
effective and wide variety of services – from advertising agencies,
software professionals, publishing houses to individual volunteers.
Ascharya is investing in future by supporting audio podcasts,
cross-platform e-book publishing and stunning image libraries –
truly a 360 degree communications offering for organisations and CSR
initiatives in India.
Since inception in 2009, Ascharya has effectively worked with
large and small organisations in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala in India.

Ascharya's Vision

Ascharya aspires to be a unique and pivotal creative
communications agency with a nation-wide network of communications
professionals; offering services and products to a variety of small
and large organisations across social and business sectors.