Portraits of Trees

In the summer of 2006, Shripad's weekly column Paulwata (पाऊलवाटा) published in Mumbai Tarun Bharat (मुंबई तरुण भारत) carried a series of articles about commonly seen flowering trees. A compilation of these articles is being published as an e-book titled Portraits of Trees (वृक्षचित्रणे).

The inspiration of this column was a series of photographs by Shripad. These photographs captured some memorable, unique and interesting trees seen during many trips, treks, and wild life adventure camps Shripad regularly attends. The series of articles included not only portraits of these trees but also the specimen of the same species seen across Mumbai; connecting it to the urban readers of the column.
The e-book Portraits of Trees (वृक्षचित्रणे) shall feature over 10 trees with about 18 colour illustrations in water-colour. The illustrations are done by an Ascharya Associate Neha Mujumdar, and Sayali Khare.