Lokmat (लोकमत), a Marathi daily, is one of the largest selling newspapers in India. Urja (उर्जा) is Lokmat's weekly supplement for children.

The editorial team approached Shripad with a very specific request, a weekly column for children with information about hands-on projects. The column was titled He Nakki Kara! (हे नक्की करा!) which means 'Try this yourself!'. The column focused on suggesting children small projects to bring about environmentally favourable lifestyle changes. With over 40 articles, this column was successfully run for a year.

We handled a wide range of topics and explained them to children, our target audience, through interesting projects. For example city land use planning demands various out of the box transport solutions. Can children be encouraged to walk more? Can they be enthused to bicycle to school everyday? Or can we communicate importance of recycling resources through a simple example of using fountain pen instead of a pen with refill?

This column enjoyed children's appreciation and regular communication through letters and email. It successfully caught attention of adult readers of the newspaper and made them regular readers of Urja (उर्जा).